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Commission : Your Turn

Hey guys and gals!

Back to posting and dropping a commission update!
This piece goes to Fresh! He decided to change his old solo commish to something new 😀

I haven’t been watching much Boruto, but Naruto sure looks hot in the new show.
Thank you you for commissioning, Fresh!


Okay so… I’ve been getting a boring, fuckload of email about my stuff getting leaked and slandered at 4Chan throughout the years lol.
I haven’t really cared about it and I’m not really caring about it now either, however, I was really curious so I wanted to have a little peek.
The comments were salty and hilarious, something about bridal poses and faulty penis anatomy hahahaha! Just to inform this worried pleb, my cock is just fine XD.
Also, I love drawing exaggerated dicks, so please calm down Brenda.

People are allowed to drop their opinions about my “always traced”, shitty-Gnin art, and think whatever they want, hey it’s okay! Thank you for the crude feedback, I’ll try to get better soon.
I was out of the game for some years because I want to sell my company, not just close it. I’ve returned and I’m trying hard to get better at painting, so be gentle with me, or not, whatever haha!


I understand that when a certain piece is set for sale, it just MIGHT get shared to various sites after the purchase, boo hoo. This is the internet, that happens.
However, everything has consequences, you know that right? I’m not upset or mad about this. It would be petty.

I do not personally care do I hammer cash with those pics or not, but if you gonna leak and slander my shitty-Gnin art, you’re gonna be paying a lot more for that fun.
Due to that, I’m giving the Gumroad submissions a massive bump on their prices. Idk, I’ll probably triple or quad them.


* Terribly delayed commissions are all doubled, enjoy! ( I will contact everyone personally )
* Commission prices will be dropped back to what they once were. Holy fucking shit? Ranges 60-200 omg, might get even cheaper! How about 40-100??
( the reason for this is simple, I’ve been out of the game for so long that I need to learn to paint like a proper artist lol )
* More freebies happening on Tumblr and GD ! ( Doodles, quickies and more of that junk )
* Cosmetic changes.
* Updating links to various contents ( everything is on my server, haven’t had time to update everything since many of those posts need to be refreshed or snipped )

Much love to everyone
<3<3<3<3 Gnin

Sam & Max – You sure you can handle this, little buddy?


Going through emails and there’s a lot of sweet requests regarding the icons I have up at GD…

Okay… you’re in luck, because I’m not on Patreon “yet”, so I’ll continue throwing you freebies.

Wanted to make a piece where Sam is filling up his little buddy’s asshole. Unfortunately tiny Max can’t hold all that hot sperm and it’s spraying out of his destroyed cunt!

Yeah, I love drawing gaping asses hahaha!

Enjoy this messy moneyshot!


Borderlands Telltales : Rhys X Zer0

Hey goons!

Someone asked what’s the Borderlands Rhys icon on gninsdimension.net. Well, behold!

Personally, love this cute, lean asshole! First thing that popped into my mind was him sucking off Zer0! Had to be done, of course.

So, whoever asked for this, enjoy! <3 XOXO