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Sam & Max – You sure you can handle this, little buddy?


Going through emails and there’s a lot of sweet requests regarding the icons I have up at GD…

Okay… you’re in luck, because I’m not on Patreon “yet”, so I’ll continue throwing you freebies.

Wanted to make a piece where Sam is filling up his little buddy’s asshole. Unfortunately tiny Max can’t hold all that hot sperm and it’s spraying out of his destroyed cunt!

Yeah, I love drawing gaping asses hahaha!

Enjoy this messy moneyshot!


Borderlands Telltales : Rhys X Zer0

Hey goons!

Someone asked what’s the Borderlands Rhys icon on gninsdimension.net. Well, behold!

Personally, love this cute, lean asshole! First thing that popped into my mind was him sucking off Zer0! Had to be done, of course.

So, whoever asked for this, enjoy! <3 XOXO