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Commission: Final Fantasy XV – Prompto Argentum



Back for posting!

Next up a commish from an old client, who happily decided to change his second piece to something more “recent”. I would never say no for a Prompto commish! Thank you for the second commission swap, Flexus. You get a cookie!

Flexus originally donated his commission set for my Patreon but, decided to give me green light sharing them here for you guys for free! Big thanks for that as well!


Gnin’s Dimension is hiring devoted modelers and porters. There’s a lot of hot models that need to get done, but unfortunately there ain’t enough time to get them all out!

If you’ve been porting models to either, SFM or Gmod, know how to rig, facepose etc… and you could use some extra cash, drop us an email at : gnin[at]gninsdimension.net