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Commission: Code Lyoko – Odd


Back for a bit for commission blasting!!

Time to get some major updates out. Phew… okay!

Tons of questions have been asked about… well, pretty much everything, so I’ll drop couple replies here:

–  You’ll know when GD jumps on the Patreon bandwagon. Honestly speaking, I’ve done my best to avoid it, but it’s a better way of support than commissions.

–  Free models will be re-posted. Yeah zomg! You keep getting stuff for free!!! Can’t address this more really… It has taken a fuckton of time, because I’ve updated most of the models with better skins and new gear. They’ll be up during the next GD update which will take place in the following weeks.

–  Don’t know what’s going on in GD? Well, there’s a FREE subscribe button in the right top corner. Simply add your e-mail there and get ready for dem updates!

–  Nude male models (Naruto, Bleach etc…) for Gmod, SFM and many other platforms… yeah, they’ll be poppin’ out in my Patreon later on. I’ve been preparing this shit for a long time, LONG time, to avoid all sorts of hassle, from my side and yours. Things will be very simple.

Okay! Let’s get some commissions out!!

PS: Some amazing person please get Noctis and Prompto models out! <3