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Commission: Walking Dead



Stopping by quickly to drop you more juicy gay smut!

This double commish goes to Flexus, who changed his name couple times … and also his commission specs, lol! Don’t blame you luv! Actually, more than happy that you decided to get some Walking Dead porn! No offence to any OC furries though!!

Thank you, sir Flexus, I really enjoyed these two jobs! But ouch, we fucking mean.

Funny thing, I always wanted to pair Glenn with Chorallll. That tight asian cutie fucking the hot teen’s brains out was kinda on my list too!

You guys have been asking about the feet and dem toes. The thing is, these models need to have toe posing to be able to get them curled or stretched etc… so that’s why I usually have them in certain positions, but I hear you, thank you for the feedback, I’ll try to get them in more interesting positions in future <3


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Much love to all of you, great to be back again haha!



Commission: Naru X Kiba



Coming back from a long-ass hiatus. Wow…

This commission was created for the ever sweet “Fresh”! I enjoyed working on this piece very much and I want to thank you for your commission!

PS: I’ve had a lot of requests to revamp the Simpsons piece, so I tweaked it a bit.
Here you go <3




Bruises & Tears #1 : Loser Takes It All

Bruises & Tears #1 - Jin X Hwoarang

Click the image for full size view


First off, I hope everyone enjoyed their HALLOWEEN! <3

Before I’m getting back posting commission work, I’m kicking off my image series that goes by a name, Bruises & Tears!

I’ve had humongous amount of emails throughout the years, where people are asking will I ever go back to what my artwork used to be, yes, I will! It’s all coming back, slowly but surely =D

Bruises & Tears is a set of very rough images, that I’ll be posting for the next couple weeks. The theme is pretty self-explanatory, so I don’t need to explain it that much. The images you’re about to see, are in the same spirit as my old artwork, BUT they’re helluva lot tougher. We’ve already seen ALL kinds of fanart porn, so I wanted to spice up things a bit… no, a lot, actually. These images are not for the faint of heart. And no worries, there won’t be any guro stuff, this is where i’m drawing the line.

The first piece features Jin Kazama & Hwoarang. I’ve loved these two from since I was a teenager! They’re still probably THE hottest male game characters in my opinion and I always wanted to get some raunchy man- smut done of these two! Now it’s happening for REAL and in a form of 3D!

I was cooking up a lil story for this to make that image even more intense, but I would have to get it beta read. I’ll describe it a little:

After having a draw in the Tekken Tournament, these two agreed they’d meet at an abandoned, old gym where they could fight as dirty as they wanted, where they wouldn’t have to abide by the rules, where anything and everything would be allowed! It would be the definitive, last fight between the rivals.

There was no rounds, hours passed and the nearly endless battle took its toll. Eventually, both contestants were on their knees, still trying to get up and lay the final punch… sweaty, bruised and hurt, barely alive. Eventually, they both pass out.

Hwoarang wakes up having Jin standing above him, his right foot on his throat and gets threatened to get crushed by him. Jin has been fully restored by his Devil Gene  while they were out and there’s no signs on his body that would hint of a battle. Hwoa’s so beat he can’t even get up at this point. He doesn’t have any other chance than to agree on Jin’s terms.

There’s a humiliation scene followed by this. People have been asking for stuff like that so many times, that I wanted to include it. Jin forces the weak and bruised Hwoa to undress himself while he’s watching and rubbing his own, hard, precumming dick, describing how he’s going to fuck his brains out and do all kinds of things to him.

Jin’s cock has been enlargened during the restoration he got from his devil side. It’s so big that he can’t fit it in Hwoarang, so he has to man- handle him lol. He holds Hwoa’s head down, under his foot while he’s spitting in his ass and prying it open with both hands. I was going to do a picture of that scene since it would’ve been really brutal, but the one I decided to post got into the series instead.

After Jin manages to stretch him open, he makes him sit on his huge dick and forces him to take his full length, while pulling down from his balls. Jin is thrusting Hwoa repeatedly, for a very long time. The pain is so unbearable that Hwoa bursts into tears. Hwoarang describes the pain to himself, in his head and he says how he can feel his intestines moving each time Jin pounds him. He can feel Jin’s cock smacking against his stomach. This is a total anal annihilation, Hwoa’s getting fucked with the dick of a size of a baseball bat, for hours and NOT very gently.

People have told me how they love Japanese comics where cute dudes get fucked for the first time and there’s a hint of blood in the cum when it’s gushing out from their anus. I don’t normally do that, but it fits this theme. I still wanna emphasize that there will NOT be any guro stuff, but you’ll see a lot of famous game hotties / OCs getting their holes wrecked, violated and tortured.

Stay tuned for more Bruises & Tears pics and keep your eyes open for new commissions and random porn!!

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