Sam & Max – You sure you can handle this, little buddy?


Going through emails and there’s a lot of sweet requests regarding the icons I have up at GD…

Okay… you’re in luck, because I’m not on Patreon “yet”, so I’ll continue throwing you freebies.

Wanted to make a piece where Sam is filling up his little buddy’s asshole. Unfortunately tiny Max can’t hold all that hot sperm and it’s spraying out of his destroyed cunt!

Yeah, I love drawing gaping asses hahaha!

Enjoy this messy moneyshot!


One thought on “Sam & Max – You sure you can handle this, little buddy?

  1. Mario

    Hello gnin, do not worry, I also thought that it was different people, it is a user of 4chan, who has a mental illness, all the world knows is the same because he uses the same words to offend, shitty or overpriced. criticizes all pay artists. his 4chan has the purpose to attract users who can buy the artists porn, can post for him free porn,at 4can, he never think about if it’s hard for you to do things or not, he just wants free things, the truth is, he is the same person he goes to check 4chan, rule 34, deviant art, pixiv and the death ygallery, he love post bad comments.
    Before I was 18 years old, he used to do that. I think it’s the only life he knows, it’s a sad thing, but anyway.
    post your art, here and you will see that it does not take long to put a bad comment,He live it in these pages, here you find it
    /y/ – Yaoi – 4chan, /2D/ – Drawn Bara – Barachan,
    he likes to be anonymous, as if we did not know he is the same person.


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