Resident Evil 2 – Leon

Resident Evil 2 – Leon

Hi! You were asking for RE2 Remake Leon smut, so here you go! With a little backstory! Enjoy!

Our young hero got clocked out while investigating the zombie infested Raccoon Police Department. When Leon regained consciousness, he felt something slimy hanging on his face and a salty, bitter taste in his mouth. He saw a blurry figure right in front of him, breathing heavily through a gas mask, giving a sinister feeling.

Leon had been tied up tight, and painfully penetrated with something cold.

The man in the gasmask told Leon in detail what he did to him while he was unconscious.

When the boy was lying on the floor, the man pulled out his razor sharp knife and ripped through the cop’s pants. He spat on Leon’s puckered asshole and massaged it.

When Leon’s anus loosened up, the man forced his fingers inside of him, feeling the warmth of the boy’s colon. He stretched, slapped and beat the asshole to a point, where the sphincter muscles caved in.

Leon’s anus was gaping in its meaty glory.

The man enjoyed the view and pulled out his, big, veiny, sweaty cock. He pushed his penis against Leon’s, nearly prolapsed anus and slowly slid it inside him, all the way.

While having his cock forced into the boy, the man wrapped his hands around Leon’s neck and squeezed so hard, that the veins on the boy’s neck were bulging and the color on his face changed to faint blue.

The man fucked unconscious, drooling Leon, long and hard, enjoying the fact that the boy had no idea what’s happening to him.

The man the mask was close to ejaculate. His cock was throbbing hard and fast, the veins on his penis were ticking. He held on for a moment, and released his hot sperm inside Leon’s colon, cumming hard like a prize bull.

The man pulled his cock out and moved onto the boy’s innocent face, he shot Leon in the back of his mouth, and drenched the unaware cop’s face with the rest of his cum.

After the man was finished with his prey, he grabbed a wire and tied him up, classic hogtie, with a painful upgrade.

Leon now had his very own flashlight inserted into his gaping anus and was completely helpless against any upcoming misfortune.

The man woke up the young rookie and held his feet up for the moment, so he wouldn’t penetrate himself. He didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

The man chuckled, while finishing up his sadistic story. Leon was devastated and broken after hearing how his body had been violated during his unconsciousness. Tears were running down on Leon’s face. He looked up to the merciless, masked man and whimpered softly : ” Do it again, and do it harder, please… “

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