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Final Fantasy XV – Noctis Caelum

Hey guys! Between commissions, I wanted to get this hot fucker done. GOD I LOVE THIS DUDE! … as in: “I wanna shove a huge, throbbing cock up to your ass… or two” lol. Okay, so it looks like my life has gotten much easier again and I don’t have to run after money 24/7.…
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Commission: Final Fantasy XV – Prompto Argentum

  Hola! Back for posting! Next up a commish from an old client, who happily decided to change his second piece to something more “recent”. I would never say no for a Prompto commish! Thank you for the second commission swap, Flexus. You get a cookie! Flexus originally donated his commission set for my Patreon…
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Commission: Walking Dead

  Hey! Stopping by quickly to drop you more juicy gay smut! This double commish goes to Flexus, who changed his name couple times … and also his commission specs, lol! Don’t blame you luv! Actually, more than happy that you decided to get some Walking Dead porn! No offence to any OC furries though!!…
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Commission: Code Lyoko – Odd

Hola! Back for a bit for commission blasting!! Time to get some major updates out. Phew… okay! Tons of questions have been asked about… well, pretty much everything, so I’ll drop couple replies here: –  You’ll know when GD jumps on the Patreon bandwagon. Honestly speaking, I’ve done my best to avoid it, but it’s…
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Commission: Naru X Kiba

YO! Coming back from a long-ass hiatus. Wow… This commission was created for the ever sweet “Fresh”! I enjoyed working on this piece very much and I want to thank you for your commission! PS: I’ve had a lot of requests to revamp the Simpsons piece, so I tweaked it a bit. Here you go <3…
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Commission Bonus: Wolverine

Hey guys! Making a quick commission bonus post! This one goes for Panos <3 Love you buddy! XOXO Gnin

Commission: Kill La Kill – Sanageyama

Holy fucking SHEIT, I’m actually posting! Okay, so first off, big hugs for everyone, how you guys and gals been doing?? !! IMPORTANT !! I’ve changed to Mailchimp so please subscribe again if you’re not getting Gnin’s News Updates! Ima cut straight to the commish here and then I’ll scribble a bit about recent events……
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