Commission: Final Fantasy XV – Prompto Argentum



Back for posting!

Next up a commish from an old client, who happily decided to change his second piece to something more “recent”. I would never say no for a Prompto commish! Thank you for the second commission swap, Flexus. You get a cookie!

Flexus originally donated his commission set for my Patreon but, decided to give me green light sharing them here for you guys for free! Big thanks for that as well!


Gnin’s Dimension is hiring devoted modelers and porters. There’s a lot of hot models that need to get done, but unfortunately there ain’t enough time to get them all out!

If you’ve been porting models to either, SFM or Gmod, know how to rig, facepose etc… and you could use some extra cash, drop us an email at : gnin[at]


Commission: Walking Dead



Stopping by quickly to drop you more juicy gay smut!

This double commish goes to Flexus, who changed his name couple times … and also his commission specs, lol! Don’t blame you luv! Actually, more than happy that you decided to get some Walking Dead porn! No offence to any OC furries though!!

Thank you, sir Flexus, I really enjoyed these two jobs! But ouch, we fucking mean.

Funny thing, I always wanted to pair Glenn with Chorallll. That tight asian cutie fucking the hot teen’s brains out was kinda on my list too!

You guys have been asking about the feet and dem toes. The thing is, these models need to have toe posing to be able to get them curled or stretched etc… so that’s why I usually have them in certain positions, but I hear you, thank you for the feedback, I’ll try to get them in more interesting positions in future <3


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Much love to all of you, great to be back again haha!



Commission: Code Lyoko – Odd


Back for a bit for commission blasting!!

Time to get some major updates out. Phew… okay!

Tons of questions have been asked about… well, pretty much everything, so I’ll drop couple replies here:

–  You’ll know when GD jumps on the Patreon bandwagon. Honestly speaking, I’ve done my best to avoid it, but it’s a better way of support than commissions.

–  Free models will be re-posted. Yeah zomg! You keep getting stuff for free!!! Can’t address this more really… It has taken a fuckton of time, because I’ve updated most of the models with better skins and new gear. They’ll be up during the next GD update which will take place in the following weeks.

–  Don’t know what’s going on in GD? Well, there’s a FREE subscribe button in the right top corner. Simply add your e-mail there and get ready for dem updates!

–  Nude male models (Naruto, Bleach etc…) for Gmod, SFM and many other platforms… yeah, they’ll be poppin’ out in my Patreon later on. I’ve been preparing this shit for a long time, LONG time, to avoid all sorts of hassle, from my side and yours. Things will be very simple.

Okay! Let’s get some commissions out!!

PS: Some amazing person please get Noctis and Prompto models out! <3





Commission: Naru X Kiba



Coming back from a long-ass hiatus. Wow…

This commission was created for the ever sweet “Fresh”! I enjoyed working on this piece very much and I want to thank you for your commission!

PS: I’ve had a lot of requests to revamp the Simpsons piece, so I tweaked it a bit.
Here you go <3