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Commission : Naruto X Sai

Never get tired of drawing Naruto’s feet lol. This piece goes to Fab! Did a little extra for you buddy! I hope you like it <3 PS: After some taxing IRL shit, commissions continue normally. Commission bonuses have been issue for those who have had to wait longer than planned. XXO Gnin  

Commission : Your Turn

Hey guys and gals! Back to posting and dropping a commission update! This piece goes to Fresh! He decided to change his old solo commish to something new 😀 I haven’t been watching much Boruto, but Naruto sure looks hot in the new show. Thank you you for commissioning, Fresh! WHAT’S UP ? Okay so……
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Sam & Max – You sure you can handle this, little buddy?

YO! Going through emails and there’s a lot of sweet requests regarding the icons I have up at GD… Okay… you’re in luck, because I’m not on Patreon “yet”, so I’ll continue throwing you freebies. Wanted to make a piece where Sam is filling up his little buddy’s asshole. Unfortunately tiny Max can’t hold all…
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Borderlands Telltales : Rhys X Zer0

Hey goons! Someone asked what’s the Borderlands Rhys icon on Well, behold! Personally, love this cute, lean asshole! First thing that popped into my mind was him sucking off Zer0! Had to be done, of course. So, whoever asked for this, enjoy! <3 XOXO XOXO

Fan Request : Twilight – Taylor Lautner

Hey! Request by anon from year who knows! It’s the wolf-boy with a huge cock! Enjoy! And yeah, I’m still kinda weak for Lautner, help me!   XOXO

Fan Request : Pyramid Head

Hey you pervs! Guess what! GNIN! DO PYRAMID HEAD DO ITTTT! Here you go, dirty fuckas! You asked for it!   PS: Not open for requests XOXO

Commission : Weresonic

Hey Guys! Here goes a commission for Leostar! I like this furry fella too! Enjoyed working on this <3 Alt version coming soon! XOXO

Commission Bonus : Prompto Argentum

  YO! Dropping by quickly to give you more goodies! This commission bonus goes to the awesome Silvard! This dude is so fuckable there ain’t tomorrow! Prepare for a lot of Noctis X Prompto smut, cos I’ll be filling this blog with that! Just look at this twink’s face, the rest of the guys have…
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