Merry Xmas! Street Fighter V x Naruto Crossover

ryukiba FW2


Been a helluva year, GOSH! I’ve been sick from Feb to Dec and it DID slow me down!

Truly wish 2016 to be much more easier and would leave me more time to concentrate in making all sorts of dirty man smut for you guys.

I’m gonna be releasing some crossover smut, random pr0n, commissions, both drawn and 3D. Keep an eye on the GD! Unfortunately for this time being the newsletter has been disabled, so you just have to stop by every now and then and check out what’s new!

Wanna thank you for all the sweet e-mails and support for the whole 2015, you guys have been once again absolutely amazing!

Okay so! Ryu’s one of my fave fighting game hunks, even though I love lean and ripped twinks. I’ve been wanting to make a lot of Ryu smut, but each time I draw him, I end up hating it hahaha! Because the Naruto models that I’m fixing up for you are absolutely fantastic to work with and there simply AIN’T enough proper Naruto 3D, I wanted to make a piece where Ryu’s fucking Kiba’s brains out with his massive meat. I’m bored at regular moneyshots so I’m gonna be making loads of gaping asses, feet, gear and some other fetishes that people are constantly asking, why not!

I hope you like this lil crossover! More to come soon!

Merry Xmas

2 thoughts on “Merry Xmas! Street Fighter V x Naruto Crossover

  1. LifeisBroadband

    That’s an amazing, erotic, arousing situation of Kiba and Ryu (especially for Kiba) with such a sensual, luminescent scene that really makes the art glow. Your Kiba model is displayed perfectly with such great detail, which is why I ask, how much will the Kiba model in high resolution or any other Naruto models in high resolution cost to be purchased here now through Paypal before Patreon, if not already purchasable before Patreon?


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