Gnin’s Multicock V3 For Garry’s Mod / SFM

Gnin’s Multicock V3 For Garry’s Mod / SFM


This juicy piece of meat is finally ready to get shared! Special thanks to my wonderful modeler Tobi/Roland for making sure everything works properly, you’re a keeper.

This model has 5 skingroups:

– Pale
– Classic
– Skins
– Predator
– Kong

You can switch them with the easy bodygroup changer tool (link included in the installation instructions).
Installation instructions included in the model download 😉

SO, enjoy some cock!!

Ohhh and stay tuned for MORE!

Lotsa Hugs!

15 Responses

  1. jimbob says:

    Link is dead 🙁

    • Gnin says:

      All updated models will be launched for FREE at the “Model Freebies” section, after @MaxGnin Twitter has 5000 followers ;D

  2. Anonymous says:

    404: Not Found

  3. Screwtrap says:

    Actually, could you use a different download provider? like Mediafire or drop box

  4. TheUnkown says:

    I can’t download, why is that?

  5. JTS says:

    hi there, im having trubs downloading these models, is it possible to email the .rar files directly?

  6. Noiceplums says:

    Hey Gnin! I really liked your multicock pack! But one problem i have is trying to pose it,i try grabbing it by the handle but the head keeps moving around like a whip and it interrupts my posing/rotation to be more specific.
    P.S: I know this sounds dumb question,don’t judge.

  7. Anonymous says:

    When I click download file, it just sends me back to the page that says your download is ready. Help pls ?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE this Gnin! Thank you so much for posting and sharing these! You’re a revolutionary in 3D porn <3

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