Commission: Sasuke VS. Kashis




Getting ready for NYE!

Another commission for the sweet Silvard! He really digs Kakashi and Sasuke and wanted to have something raunchy done with them.

This was supposed to be a 2 character piece but since it was just Xmas and Silvard happens to be an awesome fucking human being, I changed it to 5 character piece =D

I hope you like his commission!


9 thoughts on “Commission: Sasuke VS. Kashis

  1. Anonymous

    Are the high resolution naruto models the same price as your original price plan? 1 model-$70 and a $20 discount for over 1 model bought?

    1. Gnin Post author

      Nope. When a certain milestone goal on Patreon has been reached, 1 model per month unlocks, which also includes the Naruto models.

      1. Anonymous

        May I please have your Patreon address? Do I just send certain amounts of money to your Patreon’s milestone in order to be able to unlock and then purchase it or receive it? Or purchase the regular Naruto model versions first through the payment plan in order to be eligible to be a patron to your milestone to get the hi-res versions unlocked and received? I’m new to all this and in need to thoroughly know how can I purchase these from you?


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