Commission Policy / Disclaimer / TOS – Important For Clients


When ordering a commission, take a look at the list first. The line is LONG, meaning you need to wait for your commission(s) for quite some time. The queue for this time being is months.

– Payment in US dollars [ $ ], upfront, no half payments. Never use Echeck.

– Commissions are non refundable.

– Commissions don’t have deadlines.

– Private commissions cost twice the price.

When the payment for the ordered commission(s) has been received, your chosen name will be added to the clients list if you wish so. You can also have a hidden slot or anon status.

Important When Ordering Artwork

You need to have clear specs and ref images when ordering artwork. If you don’t know what you want and how you want it to look, you need to give me full artistic freedom.

Artistic freedom does NOT mean that you give me free hands to come up with something you don’t have specifications for, and THEN ask / demand me to tweak / change / redraw it for free. If you want any kind of changes, you will submit a payment for it. Payments for any redesign are at least 50% of your total commission price.

– You will receive wips (work in progress) during your commission(s).

WIP is a work in progress, a draft of your upcoming piece. It can be tweaked, but ONLY if there’s been a mistake from my side, or you pay for the extra work.

Q: Why can’t you redraw something if i don’t like it?

A: I can and it costs. But you’re supposed to know what you want and how you want it. If you don’t, then you need to accept my vision in whatever you’re ordering, or submit a payment for the possible preferred changes.

Q: Why is the payment so high for the redesign?

A: Because you have wasted my time and effort for asking me to draw something you don’t like. Same time, you extend other clients queue and that’s not okay. This is why there’s a price for redesign.

Commission work for a single piece “normally” takes about 2-4 days depending of my week. If there’s a lot of detail and the poses are complex, it may take 2-4 weeks, or even longer. I can’t work on your piece around the clock and i don’t work on commissions during weekends. I’m a human, i need food and sleep.

– Special Order gets you ahead of the line, doubles the total price of your full commission order.

– You can change your commission specs or plan a completely new one, if i haven’t started it yet. You can change your commission max. 10 times.

– VIP clients (commissioned before min. 3 pics) may get bonus artwork, additional free commissions and all kind of special treats.

What you shouldn’t do:

* Don’t pester me about commission progress. Work will get done when it gets done. If we haven’t agreed on a deadline, you’re not in a hurry. However, if you’ve waited for a long period and there hasn’t been considerable progress, politely ask about it, you’ll get a polite answer and most likely some progress too.

* Don’t throw hissyfits or insults because waiting sucks. Insult me and i have the right to cancel your commission(s). You will not get a refund.

To be able to deliver a satisfying “QUALITY A” commission, i need to be on good mood. IF you treat me like shit, or you’re rude in your emails etc… it affects on everyone’s commission i’m working on that time period and you will get your commission(s) canceled. So, don’t be a dick.

I’ll say this again. Always provide FULL commissions specs. I do not have an obligation to redraw/ redesign your art piece, because you didn’t know what you wanted or changed your mind. Extra work costs.

Link to this post has been added to the Commission Info.

I hold the rights to add/remove/change sections in this disclaimer/tos at any time.

Commission Info/Prices And Client List is on the main navigation bar.

Thank you for reading!

15 thoughts on “Commission Policy / Disclaimer / TOS – Important For Clients

  1. sharazisspecial

    Average cost in dollars for a commission like your batmanxbane? However i don’t care about background just the characters. I can be white background. Does adding another character increase price? Like a solo vs duo.

  2. ShaunMMX

    I know one thing when I ever do get a commission for you, I’m giving you all the detail, refs, and pretty much that and let you do you work. because I know you’re busy.

  3. Anonymous

    Speaking as someone near the end of the current list, I apologize on behalf of the others’ behavior. I mean, really. Be patient, wait your turn and let the man work. Sheesh.

    Hope nobody’s giving you too much grief, Gnin.

    1. Gninrom

      You’re amazing and a true sweetheart! You don’t have to apologize for them, some people just don’t ever learn and it’s just the way it is. Gotta keep on pushing! Thanks for the nice comment! <3

  4. Anonymous

    This is good to know, thanks for posting this. I only have one question though: what type of content are you willing and unwilling to draw? Sometimes when I commission an artist they would have a vague or nonexistent list of ideas and i don’t want to make them uncomfortable or freak them out with a request.


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