Commission: Kill La Kill – Sanageyama


Holy fucking SHEIT, I’m actually posting!

Okay, so first off, big hugs for everyone, how you guys and gals been doing??

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Ima cut straight to the commish here and then I’ll scribble a bit about recent events…

So, this ripped hottie is Sanageyama from Kill La Kill and this piece was done for the sweet Silvard many of you are familiar with. Silvard has racked a huge load of commissions, so there’s more where that came from and the subjects are more than raunchy! =D.

I haven’t had much time to watch Kill La Kill, but what I’ve seen, I gotta say I’m diggin’ the dudes. So there’s a big chance you’ll be seeing more KLK boys.

Alright, many of you have noticed a huge fucking lag in everything… I have a simple explanation for it. Unfortunately art doesn’t pay my bills, never really did, so I opened 2 companies during the last year. I launched a PR- company andĀ opened a cafe. I’m a workaholic, so I’m not complaining, but I’m gonna be honest, I’ve really missed you people, artwork and everything related to it… I worked 14 hour days and slept 4-5 hour nights, NOT healthy, trust me! It was crazier than my busiest commission phase ever. I shouldn’t do that…

I’m gonna put this shortly because I hate to bother you with any sort of personal life crap, but I DIDĀ manage to burn myself out last year, yeah I can admit that now… the recovery was fucking slow and I was depressed as fuck… It means no art, no nothing. I almost wrote a novel- sized post about it, but I didn’t want to worry you guys and I’m really glad I didn’t. Although, with your help I would’ve gotten back to everything faster, I guess I had to take my time…

I’ve received a humongous amount of e-mails regarding the downloadable models that are currently down. I have updated most of the model freebies with new textures and couple extra surprises and I will be finally upping them to my server. I will open them a page and pin it to the nav, so you can easily find it <3

87 models have been tested and there’s still 40 to go but I’m ready to open Patreon soon. People have been asking about it a lot, so worry not, it’s coming.

Gahhh I’m sure I’m forgetting something?! If I am and I’m pretty sure I AM, I’ll add it here later.

You can reach me via email or Facebook anytime and those who have my phone number, I usually reply to WhatsApp messages right away. I love you guys…

PS: More to come soon!




5 thoughts on “Commission: Kill La Kill – Sanageyama

  1. Mettaton

    Gninbro, i think you should draw some nice arts with Mettaton (without boots)
    footjob, full nelson etc :3


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