Hi! My name’s Max Gnin. I’m a freelance illustrator, animator, writer, mapper and texture artist. I mainly focus on gay erotic artwork and the production of XXX – 3D models.

I started drawing gay- themed artwork when i was 16, highly inspired by one of my country’s most talented illustrators, Tom Of Finland ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_of_Finland ). After countless times of borrowing his books from the local library and keeping it a secret, I finally had the courage to start producing my own gay artwork.

I work with a wide range of tools including; Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, Lightroom, Manga Studio, Illustrator, Flash, Mudbox and many more.

Go here to take a peek at my gallery : http://gninsdimension.net/gallery/

If you have something on your mind and you would want to work with me, may it be a personal project or for commercial use, feel free to send an inquiry HERE.

My commission prices and TOS is available here: http://gninsdimension.net/commission-info/