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Commission : Quality Time

Hey guys! This piece goes to the sweet, FRESH! An old commission re-planned and whipped in 50/50 2D and 3D. Enjoyed making this and I hope you enjoy it too! Gosh, I fucking love making footjob pieces! XXO

Gnin’s Multicock V4

Hello guys! My Multicock V4 for Gmod and Source Filmmaker is finally here ! The MOST popular 3D cock used by Gm, SFM and XNA artists just got much better! Now this bad boy has 30 custom skins ( and some hidden treats in the mats folder ) and a nice amount of flexes! So…
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Resident Evil 2 – Leon

Hi! You were asking for RE2 Remake Leon smut, so here you go! With a little backstory! Enjoy! Our young hero got clocked out while investigating the zombie infested Raccoon Police Department. When Leon regained consciousness, he felt something slimy hanging on his face and a salty, bitter taste in his mouth. He saw a…
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Commission : Haruka X Nagisa

Gosh I fucking love these boys! Look at Nagisa, trying to swallow that massive meat, while trying to hold in Haruka’s first load! This commission goes to amazing FRESH! Fresh, only asked for one piece, but I decided to make some alt variations. Lots of love to you buddy <3

Commission : Kakashi X Shikamaru BJ

This belated commission was replanned and had done in 3D! This is the first commission LyLe gave a permission to be shared with everyone! Thank you for your patience and support throughout the years! Commissions have been delayed due to personal life shit for quite a while, clients with amazing patience have been rewarded with…
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Gnin’s 3D Cum Model is here!

Hey there folks! It’s been busy here at GD while finishing up the new toys! Gnin’s 3D Cum Model is here!! No more fiddling with 2D textures or Photoshop edits! Now you can pose this bad boy anyway you want. Enjoy this little promo video! CLICK HERE TO BUY FEATURES: * 30 shapes * Phys…
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Commission : Noctis and Boys

Hey! Jurassic commission re-planned! Fresh is my old buddy who wanted to re-plan some of his older commissions and I’m more than happy he did! Gosh, I love making Noctushhh smut. XOXO

Kakashi X Naruto – 14.000.000 HITS!

Here’s a little vid to celebrate the 14.000.000 hits !! Thank you for being awesome !! <3