3D modeling Services


Welcome to the 3D modeling services page!

Gnin’s Dimension offers everything between ports / model hacks to fully custom-tailored 3D models & props.

We use a wide range of 3D modeling softwares e.g.

Autodesk 3ds Max
Autodesk Maya
MilkShape 3D
Autodesk Mudbox

We provide models in various formats including: OBJ, FBX, SMD, MAX etc…
If you need the finished model in a specific format, please include it in the commission inquiry.

The models can also be compiled for Source Filmmaker and Garry’s Mod.

Commission TOS

– Payment in US dollars [ $ ], upfront, no half payments. Never use Echeck.
– Commissions are non refundable.
– Commissions don’t have deadlines.
– Changes during the commission(s) have an extra fee.

Price list

Models & Props:

* Fully custom-tailored 3D  props ( includes hi-res texturing ) – 500$ >
* Fully custom-tailored 3D models ( includes hi-res texturing ) – 1000$ >


* Texture fixes / tweaks, skin matching for existing 3D model / prop – 50$ >
* Texture overhauls for existing 3D model / prop – 100$ >

Ordering & Payment

When ready to order, send your commission inquiry HERE
After you’ve placed an order, a bill will be generated.

Accepted payment methods:

– Credit Card
– PayPal


More samples coming soon!